Merlot       8/22

Light bodied, light tannins; shows cinnamon and tobacco on the nose, and finishes with a berry tartness

Wine List

Reserve Red Blend     8/30

Wafts of smoke and berry on the nose, a blend of all three reserve reds transitions into a tart cherry on the palate with a lingering light peppery finish

Reserve Chambourcin   8/30

Smoky on the nose with hints of cranberry and date, transitioning smoothly into a mellowed black pepper


Chardonnay     8/22

Aged 18 months in a steel barrel and 6 months in a french oak this chardonnay gives a delightful balance between a traditional italian body with a classic californian buttery finish

Cabernet Sauvignon    8/25

Jammy on the nose with hints of cocoa and cherry; transitions into a silky finish with hints of caramel

Rosé    8/23

A 20% Merlot and 80% Vidal Blanc blend opens with a bursting bouquet of strawberry and raspberry 

Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon    8/30

Blackcurrant and blackberry entice on the nose, medium tannins with a youthful, earthy finish

Hidden Brook Winery

Vidal Blanc     8/22

Our most recent release takes a new spin on Vidal Blanc than our prior vintages with a lemony profile and a light sweetness to the finish

Reserve White   8/25

A blend of estate grown Vidal Blanc and an American grown Pinot Grigio, this reserve white leaves the palate on a refreshing note

Reserve Merlot      8/22

Fruit forward with cherry on the nose, soft tannins, and a smoky vanilla finish