Children: Hidden Brook Winery is a family friendly establishment. Children of all ages are welcome inside the establishment, and on the grounds. As a courtesy to the winery, and for the protection of your children, we insist that children are accompanied by an adult parent or guardian at all times. Children may not be unattended inside the winery or on its grounds. Parents will be held liable for any damages to winery goods or property as a result of unattended children. Neither the Winery nor its staff may be held liable for injuries to children resulting from parental negligence. 

Pets: We welcome you to bring your pets to our winery. They are even welcome indoors, provided that they are well mannered, and under the control of their owners. We offer water bowls both inside and outside, and frequently have treats on hand as well. Please understand that we reserve the right to ask you to remove your pet from the premises if they should prove unmanageable, or cause a disturbance to other guests.

COVID-19 Policy: At this time, Hidden Brook Winery is no longer imposing any restrictions as a result of COVID-19, or any other illness such as mask mandates or social distancing. This is, or course, subject to change as strains of this illness continue to evolve. We ask that if you are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or any other Illness, you save your visit to the winery for another day.

Outside Food/Alcohol: In addition to the menu choices we offer, Hidden Brook Winery welcomes you to bring your favorite foods, and snacks. Alcohol purchased off the premises is strictly forbidden. Hidden Brook Winery is a winery only, and as such does not serve beer, or liquored spirits.

Tabs/Abandoned Credit Cards: It is the policy of Hidden Brook Winery to retain the credit card of anyone wishing to open a tab during their visit without exception. Should any guest neglect, or forget to close their tab before departing, we reserve the right to close your tab for you on the credit card you provided, and assess a 20% gratuity in your absence. Hidden Brook Winery will retain your credit card in our safe keeping for a period of 1 week if left or abandoned. Failure to collect your credit card or communicate with us during that period will result in your card being shredded for your protection. 

Refunds: Per our policy, we do not tender refunds for any alcoholic beverages, whether consumed in our establishment, or bottles purchased for take home. All merchandise is refundable (excluding wares from local artists) with a receipt up to 30 days from the date of purchase. Please note: in an attempt to promote environmental conservation, Hidden Brook Winery does not provide printed receipts. Receipt options of text or email are available during checkout and must me retained in order to tender any refunds.

Reservations: Hidden Brook Winery requires a reservation fee to ensure seating for groups of 10 or more people. This reservation fee is fully refundable up to 24 hours prior to your reservation, and does not apply to any goods or services the day of your reservation. Late arrivals in excess of 30 minutes beyond your scheduled arrival time may result in your reserved space being released back to the public, and at the expense of your reservation fee. If you are running late, please call to let us know. For more details on reservation fees or event deposits, please visit our Events link.

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