Our Story

Hidden Brook  Winery

Experience One of Loudoun County's Oldest Wineries

​​Hidden Brook Winery is located in a log cabin surrounded by a peaceful forest, far away from the hustle of everyday life. Our custom log cabin was built in 2000 by the hands of the owners Eric and Deborah Hauck, with the help of family and friends.

The husband-and-wife team spent a long time looking for land in Loudoun County to start their winery. Our first vines were planted in 1998, before the Haucks had unpacked and gotten settled into their new home. Our log cabin was custom built 2 weeks before opening, and we officially opened for business in September of 2001. Hidden Brook is one of the original ten wineries opened in Loudoun County. To put our history in perspective, there are currently 45+ wineries in the county today, and the number continues to grow. 

Eric and Deborah's favorite varietals are the French-A
merican Hybrids, Vidal Blanc and Chambourcin. While Chambourcin is most often used in blending, the Haucks have crafted it into standout, stand alone wines. 

Hidden Brook's approach to crafting our wines, especially our Reds, is by taking the Italian approach. Overall, our Reds are softer in tannins and exhibit more fruit forward qualities, all while remaining classically dry. Our wine making goal is to create and craft wines that anyone can enjoy, so you can be sure your trip to Hidden Brook will include a diverse wine line up, including Whites and Reds. ​

As for the Hauck's wine making philosophy, they say their favorite part of the job is experimenting with the wines, and hearing feedback on their vintages.